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Sunday, November 4, 2007

Photography Tips : Getting The Best Shots

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Here are some helpful tips that should assist you when trying to get the perfect shot.


Try to use natural lighting if you can, if your indoors place yourself near a large window

If your taking shots outside try to doing your snap shots around 5pm as the light isn't as bright and it tends to help the overall shot.

Preparing the person:

Be sure to wash the face and apply makeup before taking the pictures

Keep the hair away from the face unless of course you want it there.

Seriously if you have puffy eyes, try using Preparation H it does take it down


Use a thick foundation to cover up any blemishes or spots

Be sure to blend in the foundation starting from the Chin down to the neck so that it blends in nicely.


If you want a nice Matt finish, apply a good amount of powder regularly


If your going to use concealer be sure to use 2 shades lighter than the skin and apply it before the foundation goes on this way it will hide spots and marks.


You want to contour certain areas of the face, such as the eyes and cheeks to give it that sculpted look

Also consider using a foundation that is 2 to 3 shades darker than the skin


To create lively eyes you will want to highlight the brows using a light shadow

To avoid shine on the face avoid at all costs shimmering or frosty eyeshadow

Try to use waterproof mascara

Application of makeup needs to be heavier than normal makeup application.


When it comes to getting a nice full lip look be sure to use a darker shade on the lip color and the outline.

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