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Saturday, March 29, 2008

Professional digital photography book

Simple Step By Step Digital Photography Lessons. If You Cant Learn Photography From These Lessons Then You Cant Become Photographer Anymore

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You have bought an expensive "Digi Cam" and all the jargon in the digi's manual is making you dizzy! It's time you invest a small amount and a bit of your time in a "professional digital photography book." A "digital photography" hand book is a must for a novice or a professional. The content is clear, precise and easy to understand. Once you learn all the essential tips you can soon start shooting like a "pro".

Important FAQ's you need to know before you pick a "professional digital photography book".

a) Is the book suited for a novice as well as a professional and is it simple to read and understand.

b) Does it explain precisely all the important digital terms.

1: Image Quality

2: Image Size

3: White Balance

4: ISO

c) Does it have tips for saving battery power (prerequisite for an exotic trip.)

d) How to take care of the sensitive parts of the camera.

e) Will it guide me to shoot "a stunning sunset", "a sports event", "a family vacation in the mountains" or any special moment.

f) Tips to take a lowlight shot without a tripod.

g) Does it include a guide to finishing touches & editing required to give the photograph a professional touch.

h) Can the book be returned with a full refund if you don't like it.

Investing in a good book can guide you to take beautiful images in just a few days without breaking your head.

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