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Monday, May 5, 2008

Top Ten Digital Camera And Photography Tips

Simple Step By Step Digital Photography Lessons. If You Cant Learn Photography From These Lessons Then You Cant Become Photographer Anymore

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Digital cameras have definitely simplified the manual labor of the photographers who can now do their job at mere click of a button. But, that does not mean that you can have perfect shots with just the aid of your camera equipment. It's just that you can feel a bit more confident with a digital camera in your possession, but the job of ?clicking? has become specialized.

Here are some standing instructions, some important workable tips that need to be followed by the man holding a digital camera. Experience, combined with technical expertise is what makes you a perfect photographer.

1. Look your subject in the eye, don't spray your attention all over. Sometimes, you get a fraction of a second to click an important event. There are occasions, you have to vie with hundreds of other photographers. You need to develop the meditative concentration, to 'hunt' your object.

2. Use a plain background. If the background is a hotchpotch, it will have a direct bearing on the main photograph.

3. Use flash outdoors.

4. Move in close. Adjustments from the close range can be done easily. They will be more effective.

5. Move it from the middle. That is always the safest way. If you move from one side, there is every chance of missing the activity on the other side.

6. Lock the focus. That is very important as it is your main job.

7. Know your flash's range. This is a very important technical aspect, that is mastered by experience. A bad flash can spoil an important shot beyond repair.

8. Watch the light. It changes constantly.

9. Take some vertical pictures. This adds variety to the total number of pictures that you have shot.

10. Be a picture director. A sense of involvement is necessary. You need to be in a position to anticipate the results, just as a movie director directs his actors for getting a perfect shot.

Don't credit those magnetic eyes and bewitching smiles to the account of digital camera alone. It is the skill and the sense of timing of the photographer that matters the most. You need to know when to tell your photo-audience to ?say cheese?, and those fraction of seconds before their response to the cheese. Have an eye contact of a sharp shooter who is ready to make the prey fall flat.

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