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Tuesday, April 21, 2009

The Role Of The Wedding Photography Helper In Professional Wedding Photography

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Wedding photographers often employ wedding photography helpers to help them at weddings but what are the advantages and disadvantages of this?

Some of the disadvantages may be: (1) the photographer will have to pay her, and this will reduce his or her own income from the wedding (2) he will have to get along with her, there could be personality clashes (3) she may not have enough work to do. This is because wedding photography helpers mostly help the photographer take formal photographs, but many modern wedding photographers only take a few formal photographs, the others are often photojournalism wedding photography photographs, or `candid' photographs.

To counteract these disadvantages (1) the wedding photographer helper can help the photographer make money. By arranging people quickly and efficiently she speeds up the process of taking the formal photographs. This gives the photographer more time to take more photographs, and more photographs often produce more income (2) Personality clashes can be avoided if the photographer selects the `right' helper, someone that he can relate to and who understands what is required. One way to ensure this is to meet the helper first, get to know her, try to find out if she is the kind of person that can handle the stress of wedding photography.

(3) She may also be useful after the formal photographs have been taken, she can also help the photographer take the photojournalism wedding photography pictures. If it's a large wedding, with plenty of opportunities for these kind of photos, she might act as his `scout.' While he is taking one photojournalism wedding photography picture, she can be looking out for the next one. To summarise, a good wedding photography helper is a great asset to the wedding photographer.

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