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Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Cyber-shot Point & Shoot The perfect cameras for snapshot photography

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Representing the next level of digital still photography, Sony's DSC-F828 Cyber-shot is the first consumer camera to incorporate four-color filter CCD technology and a Real Imaging Processor. These new components are integral in capturing color accuracy closest to what the human eye can see, setting a new benchmark in camera performance.

The new (RGB+E) filter adds an emerald-colored pixel to the filter pattern, realizing color fidelity that is closer to human color perception. Photographers will notice an extraordinarily life-like rendering of blue, blue-green and red hues.

The Real Imaging Processor delivers increased speed with lower power consumption, enabling the F828 to capture an eight-megapixel image in almost half the time required by typical five-megapixel cameras! New manual controls, coupled with Carl Zeiss T* optics, gives advanced photographers a broader range of mechanisms to determine focus, exposure and recording modes.

Images can be stored onto CompactFlash Type I and Type II media, as well as a Microdrive hard disk drive or Memory Stick PRO media. The Cyber-shot F828 truly embodies a premier imaging experience.

Want to know more? A detailed overview can be found at www.cybershotf828.com.

4 Color System
Carl Zeiss Vario-Sonnar T* Lens
Real Imaging Processor
Dual Media Compatibility
MPEG Movie VX Fine Mode with Audio
Hologram AF Low Light Laser Focusing Assist
Manual Exposure Mode
Manual Focus Ring
5 Area Multi-Point Auto Focus
Continuous Auto Focus
Slow Shutter Noise Reduction
RAW Mode & Data Converter
14Bit DXP A/D Conversion
Multi-Pattern Measuring
PictBridge Compatibility
Scene Selection Mode
InfoLithium Battery
Memory Stick Media
USB Interface
2/3" 8.0 Megapixel Super HAD CCD
Super HAD (Hole Accumulation Diode) CCDs provide excellent image quality by allowing more light to pass to each pixel, increasing sensitivity and reducing noise.

7X Optical Zoom Lens
With a focal length from 28mm wide angle to 200mm telephoto (35mm equivalent), the mechanically coupled 7X zoom lens covers an extensive range of shooting conditionswithout the need for additional lenses. Selectable Precision Digital (2X/14X total) or Smart Zoom feature (35X at VGA size) extend the flexibility. The fast f2.0~2.8 aperture enhances available light and short depth of field flexibility.

NightShot Infrared System and NightFraming System
Capture infrared digital images in total darkness at up to 10 feet away. By illuminating the subject with infrared light and removing the CCDs IR cut filter, detailed images can be captured even in total darkness. For capturing beautiful color images in low or no light, NightFraming illuminates the subject with the NightShot Infrared System for proper framing, focuses with the Hologram AF feature and illuminates the scene with the flash.

Manual Zoom and Manual Focus Rings
Dual independent Zoom and Focus rings provide precise and detailed control over the amount of zoom and the overall focus of the image with just a turn of the rings. Fast intuitive framing when zooming, and finely detailed focusing is easy with the natural feel of the rings.

Advanced Accessory Shoe and ACC Terminal
Connect Sonys HVL-F32X flash or remote controls with the ACC Terminal, or synchronize other flash units or studio lighting with the Hot Shoe Terminal.

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