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Thursday, December 6, 2007

How To Overcome A Yeast Infection Using Candida Cookbooks

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One of the best ways a person can combat the effects of Candida is by following a strict Candida diet. Unfortunately with this diet there are a number of foods that you will need to eliminate from your diet. Luckily for you there are plenty of Candida cookbooks now available which can help you to produce great meals despite having to omit many of the ingredients that you would normally include.

To combat the symptoms of candida and regain balance, you need to omit foods which contain yeast, sugar, fungi and generally avoid processed foods. You will also find that you need to omit such foods such as cheese, marmite, vinegar based products, fruit (both fresh and dried) as well as smoked and fermented foods. This is because all of these contain elements, which the Candida bacteria feeds on and which will only help them grow more rapidly in the body.

However, as previously mentioned, there are many cookbooks now available which have been specifically produced for helping a person suffering from Candida. They can provide useful information about what you eat when either going out or planning a meal at home.

Many of the better cookbooks written for candida sufferers contain ingredients that are readily available at your local supermarket, greengrocers or butchers. With many of the ingredients being a combination of meats and vegetables (both of which do not promote candida growth).

As a candida overgrowth can effect the body?s ability to absorb essential nutrients, then it is important that the meals that are eaten are rich in the essential vitamins and minerals and nutritional elements required by the body, so that you do not become malnourished.

In my opinion when looking for a good candida cookbook you should ensure it includes the following:

1. A list of the foods that should be restricted from the diet, including sugar, yeast, diary and fungi based foods

2. A comprehensive list of the foods that are excellent for combating candida, like garlic, onions and fresh vegetables

3. A list of the foods that are nutritionally rich and can be eaten without increasing candida overgrowth.

4. Exciting ways to combine these foods into nutritious and tasty meals that cover snacks, breakfast, lunch, evening meal and supper, as well as cooking for larger groups and children.

5. What to eat when eating out at a restaurant or at a friend?s house.

A cookbook containing the above will help you manage the symptoms of candida and also give suggestions to help alleviate the sugar cravings, drowsiness and ?mind fog? that can sometimes be linked to a candida albincans infection.

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