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Saturday, March 29, 2008

Step By Step Guide To Digital Photography

Simple Step By Step Digital Photography Lessons. If You Cant Learn Photography From These Lessons Then You Cant Become Photographer Anymore

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When I first got my digital camera, I was very excited by all the things promised to me in the manual. Instant focusing, picture editing, tones and textures. To read the manual there was very little this camera would not be able to do for me. I had ideas of taking the photos for my friend's up and coming wedding, and hopefully every other momentous event in all of our lives.

However it turned out to be somewhat more difficult than I had imagined. The camera did have all the functions promised, that wasn't the problem. It was more that I didnt really have any idea how or when to use them effectively. Oh the simple stuff was fine, setting timers and zooming etc. Even some of the tone settings were quite easy to use. Yet when it came to the more complicated things I was at a dead loss. Even more disheartening, my landscape shots simply weren't coming out in any interesting kind of way. I wanted to be able to take the postcard kind of shot that makes everyone grab the photos for a look, but all I was getting were boring flat shots which didn't capture what I'd seen at all.

Moreover I simply wanted to be far more technically proficient with the camera also, in the hope of improving my art. I looked into a few local college photography courses and though they did seem to offer the kind of information I was looking for, the price was always far to high to invest in what was simply a hobby. What I needed was a step by step guide to digital photography which hopefully wouldn't break the bank.

I tried book stores, but the only books relating to a step by step guide to digital photography seemed very out of date when compared to the top of the line camera that I had bought. So at this point it seemed my only solution would be the internet. I tried logging onto various photographic forums and asking questions, but the information was too sporadic and disjointed to really be any use to a beginner such as myself. So I started looking for a step by step guide to digital photography in the form of an e-book.

I found my answer in Digital Photography Success, a very good e-book based step by step guide to digital photography which was far cheaper than any other option I had seen. After following the instructions in this book I really feel like I am taking advantage of all the features offered in my camera, and producing some great photographs. You should see my landscape photos now, amazing.

So I would without a doubt recommend this course to anyone who wants to get more out of their digital camera, and produce some photos which will really be appreciated for years to come. If you would like to visit the site simply click here to read more about their step by step digital photography courses.

John Samuels is a systems analyst and sometimes amateur photographer

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