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Thursday, May 15, 2008

Digital Photography Gift Ideas

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You have been snapping digital pictures for years now. Your hard-drive is overflowing with gigabytes of images, pictures of pets, vacations, relatives, birthday parties, and embarrassing moments. Perhaps you should consider rummaging around all those pixels of color and preparing some unique and creative gifts for those around you.

You can always use the standard mug, tee shirt or mouse pad as a gift, but why not consider some of these more unusual digital photo gift ideas.

Cards and gift tags

Don’t send just the standard holiday greeting card. You can add a special photo and message. Christmas, Hanukkah and Valentine's Day are not the only time to send greeting cards. How about Easter, Thanksgiving and Independence Day? Or, a Just-thinking-of you card. Personalized gift tags and bookmarks make a delightful gift. For a child, consider preparing a simple picture book that is personalized with the childs picture and contains pictures of his favorite things or people.

Household items

An apron for your favorite chef is a great gift; digital photos can be placed on dishes, glasses, coasters and trays. Prepare a private label for home-baked, canned or preserved foods in a decorative container. A 12 or 13-month photo calendar with favorite pictures will be appreciated for the entire year.


Have you considered a private version of “Old Maid”? Picture cards can be prepared in many categories i.e. “My favorite people” “Where I spent my summer vacation?” etc. The nice thing about card games is being able to prepare up to four game sets at the same time since digital prints often are ordered online with four copies. Another card game tests memory. The object of the game is to recall placement of and match pairs of facedown shuffled cards.

Posters and magazine covers

Make stars of your recipients by putting their picture on a movie poster. Software lets you add screen credits, co-stars, and other text to create realism. Similarly, you can make a magazine cover featuring the recipient and appropriate “cover stories”. This could double as a book or magazine cover.

Photo Magnets

Photo magnets are great way for Grandma to display little Johnny’s picture on the refrigerator, and to post important information as well.

You can prepare a collage of favorite photos. Sometimes a grouping of these photos framed and displayed will have more impact than a single picture, and easier to hang one picture than a dozen. You can prepare a visual collage with a photo movie and even add music and sound effects.

Gag gifts

Ever considered giving a friend with political ambitions his very own campaign sign? Or how about helping a friend appears in a favorite product commercial?

Other gifts

Another gift related to digital photos might be to give a prepaid digital print plan. Perhaps a personalized photo album cover would be just the thing. A gift for that very special person is a simple digital camera of their very own, so you can receive photos from them as well. You could present another digital photography aficionado with software to edit, sort or display his online images.

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