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Friday, May 16, 2008

Improve Your Digital Photography Skills for Outstanding Pictures

Simple Step By Step Digital Photography Lessons. If You Cant Learn Photography From These Lessons Then You Cant Become Photographer Anymore

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Once you have a digital camera, you?re on the right track to taking much better photos. But perhaps you?re unsure of how to get the best out of your camera and feel that your skills are lacking. Improving the quality of your photos can be achieved with some fairly basic and simple steps.

Keep a level picture unless you are looking for a special angle: Try to hold the camera level by aligning it with natural horizontal lines, like the horizon. This will give you a classic picture. However part of the fun of photography is experimentation, so take a few snaps of different angles to get an interesting perspective on your picture.

Portrait photos: Avoid putting the subject in the center of the frame. This is a habit most people find hard to break. Remember to move close and put the subject slightly off center. Again take more than one photo with a portrait if possible. Zoom in for a close up of just your subject or make a complete picture a little further away by including a favorite pet or another person. Always experiment with different angles and poses to make your photo more interesting.

Be careful of lighting and exposure with your photos. If indoors, make sure you have a strong light on your subject. If outdoors, be careful of strong sunlight. The best time to take your photos outside is first thing in the morning.

Think about the focus of your picture, when you frame the shot. If you are trying to capture the expression on your child?s face, you can leave out the other children, the swing, the dog, etc. You can do this by zooming in and taking a close up or you can put the background out of focus so that only your subject is standing out. This can make quite an interesting picture.

Always be conscious of the background. Many good photos are ruined by clutter in the frame. Change your position to avoid a messy background.

A small tripod can give you a much better shot, by lending stability. Tripods are not meant only for professionals, as some people think. Using a self-timer can put you in a number of pictures, where you are usually not visible. This is great for a family or group photo.

Get a media card with plenty of memory, so you will not run out of space, at a crucial time. Shoot at the highest resolution allowed by your camera, to get the best results and sharper enlargements. Upload your photos to a picture gallery like Yahoo. You can just send the link to friends and family instead of sending large picture attachments. You can also select the photos you want printed and have them developed within 24 hours.

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