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Thursday, April 30, 2009

How to Start a Home Based Photography Business

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While it is very common to see home-based businesses promoted throughout the internet, most of us are aware of the fact that many if not most of those opportunities are either bogus or far too difficult to capitalize on. Count me in as a skeptic when I found a website touting my ability to start my own home-based photography business. I love my digital camera, but I did not want to take photographs at weddings or parties, as I had already seen numerous opportunities like those cross my desk. Luckily for me, I read long enough to see just how different and incredible this offer was, and I hope you finish reading this article because I can guarantee you will be as amazed as I still am.

If you have reliable transportation, a phone or cell phone, internet access on your computer, and a digital camera, you can become part of a growing industry that few of us even knew existed. You will not need any special training or education, just basic photography and computer skills.

Insurance and banking institutions all across the nation have interests in cars, homes, commercial property, trucks, boats, stores, or any other entity that requires insurance or financing. They always need updated information on the condition of this property. You may think to yourself that it would not be difficult for them to just send out a photographer to snap a few photos, but it is not very cost effective for them to have field reps in every single town in the country that they own property in. For that reason, these institutions contract this work out to freelance photographers all over the United States.

Your services will be in high demand because of the incredible growth of online financing, insuring, and mortgaging practices! In this day and age, people are no longer restricted to going to their local bank when they are ready to buy a home and acquire a mortgage. It is easier today to go online and apply for that mortgage to any number of major banks. When that application is completed, that bank or mortgage company may require a few photographs and measurements of the property before giving out the loan. Are they going to fly someone from New York to Georgia to take those pictures? Of course not!

This is unlike any photography business most have ever seen. No matter where you live, there are national companies that have financed and insured property of all types around your neighborhoods. The demand for this type of work is enormous, and people like you are getting paid $25, $50, $100 and more every time they take a few pictures with their digital camera and fill out a few reports. Some representatives are doing this upwards of 20 times per day. You can add that up yourself and figure out just how much money you are missing out on!

All that I can guarantee you is that if you do not at least give this opportunity a try, you will not make a dime. Visit my web site below and receive contact information for over 100 national firms that are looking for field reps throughout the country. Once you are on their list, they will start sending you assignments immediately.

Ken M. is an entrepreneur who has attemped many home-based businesses. His latest venture as a freelance photographer has proved to be both lucrative and entertaining. To see more about this venture, please visit his site How to Start a Home Based Photography Business.

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