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Sunday, November 11, 2007

Photography State Of The Art

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Digital photography and cameras have become increasingly popular over the last couple of years. Once only used by extreme hobbyists or the most cutting-edge photographers, the digital camera has now taken its place among one of the most coveted consumer items on the market. Digital photography has gone up against the standard film cameras in the marketplace and originally met with consumer resistance, now has become the king of the mountain in photography. Digitals only competition for the consumer?s hearts is the ubiquitous mobile phones equipped with still or video cameras.

Interestingly enough, if you been at any mass events like concerts, rallies, speeches, or sports events you will be certain to notice the thousands of people using their mobile phone to take images. It is truly impressive how the digital camera has taken a foothold in everyday life.

So how can we say that? Well one just has to look at the facts from the industry itself. The number one digital camera seller for over a year and a half now in the USA has been Kodak. Yes that is right, Kodak, the giant film photography company, has transformed itself in response to the digital wave that came out of nowhere.

Kodak was slow to respond to the demand of digital cameras, but they soon began producing digital cameras that the consumer showed a demand for. Now granted Kodak is still a huge player in the film business, which by the way is still flourishing, but they have done a marvelous job of creating a consumer product line in the digital camera arena. These products are super user friendly and they take great images to boot. The Kodak EasyShare cameras are number one in the USA and number three world wide behind Sony and Canon. Not bad for an old generation industrial giant. They have taken advantage of the digital age.

Digital camera technology is easier than ever for consumers to use, hence the reason behind the terrific worldwide growth. The cameras come ready to take great images, allow novice users to snap photos quickly and easily, and most of them have made it super easy to share, print or email photos to friends and family. Many cameras feature one button to push in order to share or print an image.

You can spend from $100 all the up to $3200+ for a top of the line digital SLR camera. Some of the best current models on the market include the new Canon E5D SLR at the high end of the cost scale at around $3200, the ultra slim Sony Cyber Shot DSC-T5 which is compact and makes a fashion statement to boot, the super easy to use and share images Kodak Easy Share One, and for great price to quality you can't beat the Fuji FinePix F10 at around $350.

Like the computer industry, the rapid pace of technology changes has affected digital cameras as well. Industry specialists now estimate that digital cameras have a life cycle of about a year. That means that new product is constantly coming onto the scene to replace the old technology and consumers are supporting that by buying newer and fancier cameras as they are released each year.

Now of course there have to be new services that benefit from the digital camera wave. The local corner film shop may have disappeared but the printer companies have found a new heaven in the market. Color printers, the ink to fill them, paper, and image printings service both offline and online are proliferating in the digital age. One of the big online digital printers was bought up by Kodak themselves in order to help garner a share of online digital image printing business.

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