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Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Marketing Your Photography Business Website

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So you finally got your photography business website up and running. Congratulations! But how do you get visitors?

1. Include your website address on everything! Your business cards, brochures, outgoing email signature line, your signature line in all blog and message board postings, all mailings, and even your car (either a magnetic sign or bumper sticker)!

2. Of course you should tell all your friends and family about your site, but don?t forget past customers, too. You could announce your site launch by email or by sending out a nice postcard.

3. Use Google?s Adwords. This is easy and relatively inexpensive to do. Adwords are those little ads that show up on the right side of the screen when you do a Google search. Just do a google search for ?adwords? to find the registration page. Once there, you create your ad and choose the geographical area where your ad will show. When people click on your ad, you pay Google a small amount (you choose the amount). By limiting where the ads will show (only in your town or city, for example), the clicks you get will be in your target area. For your keywords, choose phrases like ?photographer in (your city)? or ?wedding photographers in (your city).?

4. Make sure to use keywords and phrases that will help people (and the search engines) find your site. For example, ?baby photographer in (your city)? or ?(your city) family photography.?

5. Get other sites to link to your site. You can do this by advertising on photographer?s listing sites, the yellow pages sites, city-search sites, etc. You should also contact other businesses in your area and ask to trade links with them. For example, you can have a ?links? page where you put up links to various businesses such as clothing stores, bakeries, florist shops, etc., and in return, they will put a link to your site up on their links page. This serves two purposes. One, people will see your link and click on it, and two, the search engines will give your page a better ranking depending on the number of sites that link to you.

By doing these things, you should be getting traffic to your website in no time!

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